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10 things we decided at our company retreat

September 16th, 2022
By Kira Radly

We made a list of 10 things everybody in the company agreed on unanimously. Here they are in no particular, except number one. Number one is the most important one.

  1. FluxTechâ„¢ is the future of humanity.

  2. We need to get rid of the ping pong tables because people don't work enough when we have them.

  3. People want to look cool and will pay anything to achieve that goal.

  4. Orange juice has a lot of sugar in it.

  5. Duct tape fixes 80% of life's problems.

  6. The other 20% would be solved with better communication.

  7. Soylent Green is people.

  8. Torx screws are from the devil.

  9. Bananaman is really fun to type.

  10. Bart never got anyone to eat his shorts.